OpERA (Endometrial; Receptivity Array)

Embryo implantation?? is a complex process requiring synchrony between a healthy embryo and a functionally competent or receptive endometrium. Endometrial receptivity is the ability of the uterine lining to permit attachment and invasion of the blastocyst. The endometrial receptivity analysis uses Next Generation Sequencing to assess the gene expression in order to classify the endometrium as receptive or non-receptive and to identify the personalized (Window of Implantation) WOI, advising an adjusted progesterone duration in a subsequent cycle for those found to have non-receptive endometrium.

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Acceptable samples:

TAT: 30 Working Days

Methodology / How OpERA Works?

After Biopsy collection, transfer tissue in cryotube. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

Tissue in cryotube should not exceed 1/3rd of total volume of cryotube.

Label the tube & store at 4° C for last 4 hours.

Ship the kit at room temperature & inform the lab.

The sample kit shipped should be accompanied with the requisition & consent form.

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CLIA No. 34D2205781